Ibanez AF151

  • Ibanez AF151

Ibanez Artstar AF151 Semi-Acoustic with Case, Aged Whiskey Burst — The Ibanez AF151 hollowbody electric guitar features the traditional full-hollow construction of the AF series, with no sound blocks in the Flamed Maple body. The Artstar neck is a three-piece set neck made from Mahogany and Maple, topped with an ebony fingerboard. The Super 58 Custom Pickup delivers the smooth, nuanced tones of jazz and the biting growl of blues and rock. The Flamed Maple body gives a loud, projective and sustained tone, with the clean, warm sound typical of the fully hollow construction, while the Aged Whiskey Burst finish offers a classic look. The included hardshell case protects your instrument in storage and on the road. Over the past 30 years, Ibanez have always been at the forefront of developing the right tools for players pushing the boundaries of music. For decades, Ibanez designers and luthiers have been the embodiment of this ideology, pushing their skills to the edge of imagination, consistently creating some of the most dynamic instruments ever.

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