SpiderCapo XXL SCX

  • SpiderCapo XXL SCX
  • SpiderCapo XXL SCX
  • SpiderCapo XXL SCX
  • SpiderCapo XXL SCX

universal partial capodaster with 6 independent levers for 4-5-6 string bass, 7 string guitar 

The XXL SpiderCapo is for wider necked instruments.These include, but are not limited to, 5 & 6 String Electric Bass, full length Concert Classical Guitar, 7 & 8 String Guitars, & exotic 

FINGERBOARD WIDTH: 46-68mm (1,9/16 - 2,11/16 inch) 
[Note: the packaging erroneously states a maximum of only 2 inches] 

The purpose of the XXL Spider is to Capo each string individually making possible hundreds of tunings without de-tuning your instrument. 

The Open Tuning Capo...This UNIVERSAL PARTIAL CAPO lets you capo each string individually. Play hundreds of tunings without detuning the guitar. For Acoustic, Electric, Classical-all makes & models. Capo all 6 strings like a regular capo with fine tuning per string! Play all the bar chords and guitar riffs you already know and still have open tuning.Play melodies with open string accompaniment. Change guitar tunings in live performance.

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